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CA New South Wales Fishing Report
Sydney Metro
Report supplied by Villawood Compleat Angler

Mulloway season is here!

With last weekends full moon the, dedicated Mulloway anglers took the water last weekend for excellent results. Mulloway in the 2kg to 5kg were commonly caught with some monster fish over 15kg being captured.

Botany Bay and Sydney Harbour were the most constant areas, with anglers fishing on the deep holes and drop-offs particully areas where there is a strong tidal flow. Places such as The Spit Bridge, Gladesville Bridge and the Main Shipping Channel are excellent areas to try.

Shore based anglers did extremely well from the harbour wharfs with Gladesville and Drummoyne ferry wharfs all excellent areas to fish safely and easily from the shore.

Live bait such as Yellowtail and small Slimy Mackerel are the best baits with fresh or live Squid a close second. Use burley to help catch the live bait and try fishing around wharfs that have strong lights on the water.

Bream fisherman are still enjoying great fishing, with again all of the estuaries still holding good numbers of fish. Trevally and John Dory should start to turn up in strong numbers in the next few weeks as sea tempeture should start to fall soon.

Anglers chasing the Bass late in the season are finding the conditions tuff. The Nepean River is still choked by weed, with only little pockets of open water available to fish in.

The offshore reefs are still providing good numbers of Kingfish and Snapper, with the inshore reefs still holding most of the fish. Not much to report on the winter game season but lets hope the Yellowfinn are around again this winter.

Report supplied by Ocean Hut Narooma

Estuary: Wagonga Inlet
With the water clearing and temperature dropping to about 16.5 degrees fishing has got a little bit harder. The back of the estuary has gone quiet so the better fishing is up the front in the deeper water. Working around the edges of the weed beds producing best results for lure casters. Still catching good Snapper in the deeper water, with a few jewfish been caught in the same area. Good Tailor starting to move into the estuary producing good fun for the angler.

Tuross Lake:
Tuross Lake has slowed down with temperature dropping severely and the lake closed to the ocean during most parts of the tide now. Stuart Hindson of Aussie Fishing Adventures fished Tuross recently and although catching some good fish including bream, flathead and Estuary Perch he said the fishing was slow. Fishing should pick up once fish adjust to sudden change in temperature.

All beaches appear to be fishing really well with good catches of salmon, Tailor and bream being reported. There are also reports of northern bluefin along the beaches and rocky headlands south of Narooma.

Montague Island:
Reefs producing good catches of Snapper and mowong and most other reef species.
Good kingies been caught on squid and jigs early in the week but seemed to have slowed now with lack of current.

Yellowfin 8 -1 0 kg been caught at Kink and Tuross Canyons along with some small Albacore. These fish like the kingies have slowed with the current slowing but could turn around at anytime.

Marine Park Update
The first draft is due out soon. We thank those people who have showed concern and took the time to fill out the questionnaire. Please remember all areas are still open to fishing.

Report supplied by: COmpleat Angler Sydney

Bream are fairly thick in the harbour this week with the Glebe and Hen and Chicken Bay areas being particular hot spots. Hard bodied lures are still the most popular weapon of choice; the small Rapala CD5s are very popular. The new Yo-Zuri 50mm Eba Shad looks set to become a must-have lure very soon as well. Soft plastics are also very effective with the small Squidgie tails in the black and gold colour scheme and the Berkley 3” Power Minnow being excellent choices. The Iron Cove River system is also fishing very well for Bream with some great specimens being taken.

Tailor to over 2kg have been a commonplace capture for anglers fishing the wash areas close to shore in the early mornings. Whole Pilchards on ganged hooks have been very successful with small minnow lures such as the Rapala Magnum CD7 also working well when spun or trolled in close. Silver Trevally to 2kg have been taken in the same washes as well.

Plenty of big Flathead have been taken during through the week by anglers fishing soft plastic lures in Parramatta and Iron Cove Rivers. The deeper water spots have been the most productive areas; lures in natural colours have been the most successful method. Drifting the areas just outside the harbour with small live baits has also yielded some very good Flathead.

Ocean Beach at Umina has offered some great action for keen anglers willing to hit the beach early with plenty of Tailor in the 2-2.5kg size being taken on metal casting slugs. Light wire leaders are needed to land these fish with the 15lb Tyger Wire knotable trace being the least visible and having the least effect on casting distance and lure action. These Tailor are feeding at their best on a rising tide in the gutters close to shore.

Scattered schools of Salmon have also been found feeding in the area between Lion Island and Barrenjoey Headland. Small “eye” style flies are the best option at present as these fish are targeting micro-baits but Slug-Go lures and very small metal slugs will also get the job done.

The FADs wide of Broken Bay are still producing good numbers of Dolphinfish up to 4kg in the early mornings. These fish cannot be around much longer though as the colder water will push them back to the north very soon.

Cowan Creek has begun producing some very good Bream again with the hordes of baby Snapper and Leatherjackets thinning a little bit. 2-3 inch soft plastics are the best producers here with lightly-scented models being preferred as the heavily scented models tend to attract unwanted pickers. Estuary Perch are also being found in the Cowan system with increasing regularity and are suckers for a deeply fished soft plastic with lots of tail action.

The Bombies and FADs wide of Botany are good spots for Kingfish at the moment with specimens in the 6-8kg being taken on small live baits and soft plastic lures. The Berkley Jerk Shad lure seems to be very popular with these fish but need a heavy jig head to keep them in the strike zone.

Botany Bay itself has been turning up some nice sized Bream and School Jewies for anglers fishing with bait at night along the deeper rocky foreshores. Salmon and Tailor have also been taken in the early mornings by those keen enough to face the chilly weather.

The rocks platforms around the Royal National Park are yielding good sized Salmon to anglers spinning with metal lures or Pilchards on ganged hook rigs.

Country NSW
Report supplied by Rod's Custom Rods The Compleat Angler

MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER: Brilliant Cod and Yellowbelly catches at the moment, the water is exceptionally clear making lure fishing the best option.
Don't expect to catch dozens of fish each trip but expect a few good size fish especially trolling hard body lures. Trolling hard body lures allows you to cover alot of ground and is very productive. You need to find the deeper holes through the day. If you are fishing from the bank, casting Spinnerbaits is the best way to go covering each snag with a lot of casts. If you are into chasing Murray Crays (Freshwater Lobsters) the run has started in the Murrumbidgee River. Some good sized crays are coming out with the best catches being during the night. The next few weeks should see a marked improvement in the numbers of Crays as the weather becomes colder.

OLD MAN CREEK: Has slowed alittle as far as the fish go, the water level is a bit low in the creek. You will find the odd Murray Cod and Yellowbelly in the deeper holes. Spinnerbaits are by far the most productive lure for the creek at present. Good numbers of Crays can be found in the deeper water.

BLOWERING DAM: Is nothing short of fantastic at the moment, still producing very large Redfin, the majority of which are falling to a well presented Ice Jig or Jackal in 50 to 70 foot of water. Trolling a Jackal is also producing the odd good Yellowbelly and quite a few respectable Rainbow Trout. Tassie Devils in blue & Pink are also a great option for Trout. The Blowering Rainbows are in excellent condition and three to four pound fish are very common.

TALBINGO: Is productive with reasonable numbers of kilo plus Trout most of which are fallen to a trolled Tassie Devil. Yellow wing colours are still producing good results.

Report supplied by The angler's Art (Phillip) & Pratt's Tackle Box (Greenway, Belconnen)

Fishing Bonanza Continues In Mountain Lakes
The excellent run of trout in the mountain lakes continued this week, attracting large numbers of shore-based and boat anglers to both Lake Eucumbene and Lake Jindabyne. Few anglers were disappointed and most reported excellent catches, mostly of rainbows in the 1-1.2kg range.
Most of the fish were taken from the shore on Power Bait, wood grubs and scrub worms and some of the catches were quite spectacular. One Eucumbene angler bagged out, with five fish at Seven Gates, in 90 minutes. A group of three anglers landed 36 fish in a night session. Another angler landed 70 rainbows in three trips. Many others caught their legal bag and released lots of others, keeping only what they wanted for the table. The best times have been at night and from dawn until about 11a.m.
Lure anglers also fared well. Two anglers using soft plastics at the Braemar end of Eucumbene bagged 18 fish amongst the trees. Many others caught good fish trolling, mostly with small minnows and flatfish and especially with lead core line.

Fly fishers also were successful, mostly fishing Yabby patterns and other large wets over the Yabby banks where the burrows are most obvious. Nearly all of the rainbows landed were full of small yabbies.
The lake shores are still exceedingly boggy and numerous vehicles have had to be hauled out of the mud, especially at Eucumbene.

Local Lakes
Big redfin have shown again in the local lakes. One group found plenty to 25cm in the shallows at Black Mountain Peninsula and other large ones came from near the Canberra Yacht Club. Nice specimens were taken from the shore at Googong. Red and green Celtas and small Jig Spinners were the top lures and scrub worms were the best bait.
A young angler was pleased with a 7kg Murray Cod taken on a lure in Lake Tuggeranong.
Burrinjuck fished well for Golden Perch opposite the boat launching area at Woolgarlo and near to the dam wall in the Main Basin. Fish were taken on Hot N Tot deep divers, spinner baits, yabbies and wood grubs.
An angler who caught a carp on bread in the Cotter River was reminded that this is fly-and-lure-only water.

Estuaries Firing
Estuaries at the coast fished well. There were good blackfish on cabbage in the Bermagui River, bream to 48cm and a few flathead on hard-bodied lures in the Bega River, more bream on hard-bodied lures in Wagonga Inlet and Tuross, legal-size Snapper on bait in Dalmeny Lagoon and bream, flathead, whiting and trevally in the Moruya River.
At Dalmeny the mullet must have known something was about to happen because they all gathered one evening at the lake entrance. The next morning they were gone, at sea on their northern spawning migration, and the lake had closed.

Offshore Worthwhile
Offshore fishing yielded some nice early-morning Snapper at Potato Point and Moruya on Striped Tuna and pilchard. Off Kioloa an angler who caught a large squid used the tentacles to lure six nice Snapper and kept the rest for dinner.
Job Opportunities
Several people have rung asking about job opportunities in the tackle trade. Several stores are seeking staff at present. Ring The Anglers Art on 62823879 for information or send a resume to P.O. Box 111 Curtin.

Tip Of The Week
For fun and productive fishing at Eucumbene and Jindabyne, try a cocktail bait of wood grub and Power Bait or scrub worm and Power Bait, on a small Daiichi hook. The Power Bait helps float the bait up off the bottom, above the algal frass and other rubbish and positions it exactly where the fish are searching for food.