Fishing Reports
CA Victoria Fishing Report
Report supplied by Compleat Angler Orbost

The fish are still on the chew with plenty of bream, Luderick, Estuary Perch and mullet being taken throughout the whole system.
Danny Large and Dean Hurl fishing along Ross’s bank have been getting very good results, bags consisting of big bream, good size Luderick and good size mullet, the biggest bream weighed 1.89kg caught by Danny using black crab. Other good captures of big flathead caught on lures dawn towards French’s Narrows.

The surf beaches are still producing good catches of salmon, Tailor, flathead, mullet and Gummy Shark. The same anglers have been on the job again. Don and Dot Tral or having been getting good size salmon on both bait and lures. Chris Davis and two other anglers fishing near corringle beach bagged a gummy each, using squid legs.

Off shore from Cape Conran the fishing is still good with catches of flathead, gurnard, Barracouta, big leatherjacket and shark, as did lots of other anglers, using blue, white, squid and JIG-EM lures. George Peachy and his grandsons have had three outings in the last week resulting in full pins on all occasions.

Report supplied by Compleat Angler Portland

The Lee Breakwater has continued to fish well during the last weekend many good sized Snapper being landed. The Lee Breakwater has continued to produce good sized Snapper since early October and should continue to do so until about Christmas. Fish up to 6 kg have been landed but most are smaller weighing about 3 to 4kg. Terry Albert landed one on Tuesday morning weighing 12 pound. Fishing off the Lee Breakwater is a waiting game or you need to be just lucky. During last week nice sized Snapper were caught off the breakwater most days. Best baits have been squid or pilchards and fresh fillets of fish are also popular with anglers. For shore based anglers the Lee Breakwater is their best chance of catching a good sized Snapper. One local Portland angler, who fishes most days, has landed over a dozen Snapper over 2 kg in the past two months. While he may miss fish for several days he has done pretty well.
Portland Bay is still hit and miss with many boats returning with small catches of fish. Pinkie Snapper are not thick at present and most are under 30 cm long, some whiting are being caught and a school of salmon is cruising the bay at present. If located anglers can have great fun. Sometimes the salmon are found off the rock wall near Pivot, the harbour mouth and along the start of the Dutton Way rock wall.

The Snapper are still hanging in the 40 to 50 metre water south of Portland. Seaspray Charter’s clients have had several good trips into this depth of water in the past ten days.
Thresher Sharks have been caught in big numbers along the North Shore east of Narrawong. On Sunday I saw seven at the boat ramp and they ranged in size from 40+kg to almost 100kg. while on Monday reports indicate perhaps 20 were hooked and brought to the boats targeting them. At present they seem to be not interested in berley trails and still baits. Anglers have been targeting them by trolling lures. The Thresher Sharks attack method of swiping their foe with their tail has seen many hooked and the smaller ones usually drown during the fight to bring them to the boat. Some anglers continue to blindly troll lures while others concerned that many threshers will be killed if everyone keeps targeting them this way have developed different techniques. Drifting with a bait rigged so it would swim, worked well for John Fenton and Steve Mottram on Monday as they caught three this way and released them all, fit and health if not a little wiser. Another suggestion is to try switch baiting for them. This entails trolling teasers with no hooks attached until a thresher gets excited and attacks the teaser with his tail. The teaser is removed at the bait takes its place. This method is used by fishermen in other areas when chasing other species of fish but it should work on the threshers.
Anglers who do keep a large shark or fish for the family and friends are asked to please throw any heads, fins or large pieces of waste in the big blue bin behind the cleaning table area. If large pieces of waste are thrown in the water the area begins to smell badly.
Over the weekend with quite a few Thresher Sharks being cleaned only one angler threw the shark’s stomach contents in the water. Well done to the guys who used the bin to dispose of the major shark pieces.

On the freshwater scene fishing is quiet but one story of success is Portland Sport & Game Fishing Club member Nigel Simmonds who landed a 2.2 kg magnificent redfin at Hotspur recently. This is a great capture and will no doubt be a club record for years to come. If one redfin has been caught in the Crawford river then probably more will be found as it is good spot for redin.