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Trumpeter Whiting (winter whiting) [Sillago maculata]

Sillago maculata
Size Up to 30cm.
Habitat Trumpeter Whiting are prevalent in the central and northern waters of Australia from W.A. to N.S.W. They are found in bays, inlets, harbors and estuarine waters with silty bottoms.
Best Bait
bait: Bass Yabbies (nippers), Beach worm, Blood worm, Mussel, Pippi, Prawn, Squid
Link: 2 - 3kg main line.
Hook: No.2 - 6 Longshank or No.1 - 4 Baitholder.
Rig: Light gear with light running sinker. Short length of red plastic snooded on to eye hook.