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Shimano’s Freefall series has been designed and tested for Australian offshore and inshore conditions. This versatile range also includes 8 models from flicking soft plastics over the shallow sand flats to deep dropping off the continental shelf. Build on High End Toray Graphite Blanks with Fuji Sic Guides and an attractive blue ocean cosmetic, this range is one to look out for in your local tackle store.

Ballistix Freefall 702 1-3kg
Ballistix Freefall 531 Game 1524 Troll (fully runnered)
Ballistix Freefall 631 Jig spin PE2-4
Ballistix Freefall 541 Jig spin PE4-7
Ballistix Freefall 702 Soft Plastic spin PE1.0-2.5
Ballistix Freefall 762 Spin PE 3-6
Ballistix Freefall  804 Travel Spin