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Lurking in the shadows the new Phantom X spin range emerges as the deliverer of spin casting excellence and the avenger of angling authority. Quiet, silent and deadly in attack the Phantom X spin series brings the stealth and power of the ghost who walks and combines it with contemporary design, technology and looks to stun anglers with angling excellence. Featuring many of Daiwa’s most advanced and popular technologies and design features including HVF carbon, surround hold reel seats, and Fuji O guides the Phantom X spin series delivers when it comes to design, performance, models, and outstanding value.

Phantom X – PHX561HFB-A – 5-10kg
Phantom X – PHX601MFB-A – 4-7kg
Phantom X – PHX602LFS-A – 1-3kg
Phantom X – PHX702LFS-A – 2-4kg
Phantom X – PHX702MLFS-A – 3-5kg
Phantom X – PHX702MFS-A – 4-7kg
Phantom X – PHX702HFS-A – 5-9kg
Phantom X – PHX862MFS-A – 4-8kg